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LFF report examines future roles and skills in finance

More than ever the financial services sector plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth and creating jobs. From managing the economic consequences of recent…

WAIFC Publication on “The Future of Financial Centers,” in partnership with DIFC and Z/Yen

WAIFC, DIFC, and Z/Yen spearhead global thinking on the future role of financial centers WAIFC produced a whitepaper in partnership with the Dubai International Financial Centre and the Z/Yen Group….

Targeted consultation on the functioning of the ESG ratings market in the European Union and on the consideration of ESG factors in credit ratings

The European Commission has opened a public consultation aimed towards strengthening the reliability and comparability of ESG ratings for EU financial services. The targeted consultation…

Memoranda of Understanding on International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) signed in Frankfurt

The public and private sectors today signed agreements with the IFRS Foundation governing the presence of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

WAIFC Young Academic Award 2022

We invite young academics to submit papers or essays on the future of a sustainable and inclusive financial sector. The global financial sector continues to…

Capital Markets Union: Commission proposes new measures to boost Europe’s capital markets

The European Commission has today adopted a package of measures to improve the ability of companies to raise capital across the EU and ensure that…

EU Financial Centers Establish Roundtable To Promote The Creation of a Common EU Financial Market

Eleven organizations representing EU financial centers and federations from eight EU member countries yesterday (09/11/2021)

WAIFC Annual General Meeting in Dubai

The World Alliance meets in Dubai for its AGM 2021 and welcomes the Italian Banking, Insurance and Finance Federation as its 21st member. Dubai International…