Meeting EU Roundtable of Financial Centres — 8th of March, Brussels

On March 8th 2024, the EU Roundtable of Financial Centres (EURFC) convened in Brussels. Hosted by this year’s Roundtable Speaker, Gert Heynderickx (representing EURFC member Febelfin), the event aimed to address pressing issues and identify common priorities in the evolving financial landscape.

Roundtable Discussion

Representatives from EU financial centres had an exchange of thoughts on their current priorities. Topics of discussion included the complexities of regulatory frameworks and the quest for greater efficiency. Participants also debated certain challenges posed by Brexit, and the role of supervision in the EU. Additionally, discussions revolved around the importance of competitiveness of EU financial hubs.

Members also collaborated on establishing a shared vision for the future. Outlining our collective objectives will facilitate forthcoming discussions with key stakeholders and offer tangible input for future policymakers.

A Multifaceted Conversation: Navigating Financial Markets and Diversity

The EURFC furthermore hosted a panel discussion with three financial leaders from different backgrounds. Anne Gaignard, CEO of Place des Investisseurs, shared her vision on strengthening retail investor participation and transforming financial markets. Claire Godding, Co-Chair of Women in Finance Belgium, emphasized the transformative role of diversity. And Benoît van den Hove, CEO of Euronext Brussels, underscored the potential impact of the Listing Act and the role of trading venues in strengthening EU capital markets.

As this meeting coincided with International Women’s Day on March 8th, the EURFC dedicated special attention to gender equality and diversity. Members shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs on this topic, fostering mutual support and growth.